Women's Core INS™ Wader Liner

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Convert your Hodgman® wader using the original wader insulating system. The removable Core INS system utilizes zoned insulation in your lower body where you need it most. We utilize Thinsulate® insulation in the leg and hip protecting from the bite of cold water in the areas that are submerged most. A fleece upper ensures comfort where you need less insulation above the water.

To quicly install the Core INS system follow these easy steps. You can also watch the instructional video at

1. Lay the wader and the liner face up next to each other on the ground.

2. Unbuckle the shoulder straps to allow access to the inside of the wader. (On the drop top designs included on the Aesis Sonic waders remove the Velcro attachment point located on the rear buckle instead of unbuckling the front of the wader).

3. Reach inside the wader and pull the right leg of the wader inside out to expose the connection snap points located at the inside top of the stocking foot bootie.

4. Connect the liner to the wader by snapping the corresponding green snaps to green connection points on the wader and the red to red connection points. Then snap the front and back connection points in place. (Be sure the leg on the Core INS liner is not twisted)

5. Reach inside the wader and pull the left leg inside out and connect the corresponding red, green and black connection points as you did in step 4.

6. Grab the stocking foot of each wader leg and pull to turn the wader right side out. The liner will be pulled inside your wader as the wader is turned right side out.

7. Secure the upper portion of the removable liner to the wader using the two zippers located on the upper inside of the wader. The zippers are under the flap of fabric just inside the top of the wader.

When the liner is installed in your wader it is recommended you point your toe when putting on the wader. This will prevent your toe from pushing fabric over the entrance hole into the stocking foot bootie.

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  • Designed with an ideal women's fit
  • Core INS removable multi-zone breathable wader insulation system for added warmth in the legs and seat, those areas that are most often submerged
  • Thinsulate® moisture resistant insulation utilizes hydrophobic microfibers
  • Warm fleece upper
  • Easily zips and snaps in minutes into any Hodgman wader that accepts Core INS System
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